Glory of Kirtipur for Tourism

Kirtipur is a glorious city of Kathmandu, Nepal. It is situated at height of 1414 m from sea Level. In the history of Nepal it was established in 12th century. Ancient name of this city was Padmakastha Giri. Then the name was derived as Padmakasthpur. Present name of this city is Kirtipur. It is popular for the braveness in history to present. It is inhabited and also dominated by Newars with their own language and  cultural values. This historical town has many cultural activities, natural beauties with panoramic view to observe Himalayas.

Other major sites are Panga, Nagau and Chovar area. Here are some beautiful places with varieties such as Hindu temples Baghbhairab, Umamaheswor, Bishnudevi and Jal Vinayak temple with nearby caves are famous Chovar Gorge. Bajrayani Jagatpal Chilancho Mahabihar, Hinayani Nagara Mandapa Kirti Bihar is located at the Nayabar Amalashi. The Mahayani Kagyupa Monastery is located at the Western Part of Kirtipur at Debdhoka. Adinath temple, Macchenarayan temple, and many more Buddhist monasteries, Shikhar temple Lhondega, pagodas in Panga, Phalcha (raised platforms for pilgrims) and Baha, Bahi, Chaityas are numerious in Kirtipur.

Tribhuwan University is here. So it is educational hub for High Level education in Nepal. These all things prove that Kirtipur has great potentiality for the tourism. Of course everywhere is challenge in industry. Poper study, arrangement, patience for long run, unity, invetments and marketing are essential in tourism field. If these things are organized well, the Kirtipur is fertile for the tourism industry which can contribute the economy of Nepal

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